What Our Clients are Saying

Dear Loreene, This is to thank you for the amazing services you provided us in planning our Oeania Marina cruise.  I have remarked several times to family/friends that we literally planned this trip via phone and e-mail.  You have been very responsive to all my questions, inquirires and concerns regarding upgrades, excursions, insurance and always keeping us updated with various changes along the way.

Unlike our past cruie experiences, we were able to meet with you personally to recieve necessary documents and ask last minute questions and concerns.  You were especially responsve regarding Ken's accident prior to leaving from LAX, and I was appreciative to be able to reach you, as I have many times before, in order to resolve that dilema. 

Thanks again for all the lovely welcome home gifts, cards and phone calls.  You truly have a calling for this type of business...patience, responsiveness and tremendous people skills to deal with anything that happens.  You can always depend on us to help promote your busines.
Most sincerely,

Madelyn and Ken S., Pasadena, CA


Your planning of our excursion was handled with professionalism.  We definitely want you to handle our next trip.  My sister is convinced that we have the "Best" agent. Thanks again! 

Fredda D, Walnut, CA


It was a "Dream Come True" trip and I never could have put anything like this together without you, Loreene. I can't thank you enough for everything you did.

Denise B., Rocklin, CA.


Loreene, we can't thank you enough for the amazing travel experience you put together for us. You went above and beyond what any other travel agent would offer. Our trip to Europe was a dream come true and you helped make it Perfect in every way!

Gina. S., Roseville, CA


It was a marvelous Family Reunion. I think EVERYONE enjoyed it!. thank you so much for giving us what we so much desired ---a real family reunion.

Don. W., Huntington Beach, CA


Loreene, I can’t believe you did that! I got your message that you left something on my porch so I went outside thinking it was the survey you spoke about. To my surprise it was a beautiful personalized gift from you. I love the inscription..it will remind me of the wonderful time we had on our Mediterranean Cruise. Your thoughtfulness and generosity has truly blessed us!

Maria A., Menifee, CA


Last month we came back for our cruise and while going through customs, I lost my wallet. I didn’t realize it until later that day. When I did, I called Loreene and asked her what I should do. She contacted her representative at the cruise line (on Memorial Day weekend) and was able to start the ball rolling in finding my wallet THAT DAY!. Needless to say, they found my wallet and they sent it to me later in the week. It even had the cash I originally had in it! I will never use a travel website when I can get this kind of service from Loreene.

Marcos H, Riverside, CA


I wanted to take just a few moments to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to excellence. Not only were you here to help every step of the way, you obviously love helping others. Our trip was wonderful and thanks to you we knew what to expect and were much more prepared as a result. I will certainly use your expertise in any and all travel in the future and will refer anyone I know with plans to travel. I am a person who is well aware of the service industry working in that field for over 20 years. It doesn't get any better than "Can I Go Too? Travel".

Irene K., Riverside, CA


Loreene Orgoralini is the best Travel Agent we have ever met. You provided us with so much help in planning our honeymoon and made our honeymoon travel experience the greatest experience of our life. Our VIP service was always on time. Everything was well planned. We Love You!

Calvin Eve S., Temecula, CA


You have made this entire preparation so painless! I have never been so well taken care of. thanks for all the info, suggestions and sharing's that has guided us through the process.

Marcia A., Cincinnati, Oh


We're extremely happy with our travel agent, Loreene. Both of our trips have been very fabulous to our family. We're looking forward to more adventures and more happy times.

Luz L., Perris, CA.


Dear Loreene, Wow! This place is awesome. I told Scott this morning that I felt like we were visiting the King – he’s afraid I won’t go home when it’s time to leave. God bless you and thanks for all your hard work and special touches. We truly are blessed!

Phyllis W. Wildomar, CA

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