Safari Team

I have teamed up with Destined To Travel!

Published Monday, February 24, 2014


Kay Trotman - 'Safari Kay' - the owner of Destined To Travel, is a dynamic lady who has a passion for Africa and all it's people.  If you want to see the REAL Africa, she is the one who can open your eyes and touch your senses to the unbelieveable beauty and splendor of the animals and their surroundings...take a listen to her own words.....


"Just a note about how since 2008, I came to love Africa.  It was through several back to back family deaths and a tragic personal accident that I wandered as far away from home to escape the pain and heartache I found myself in.  That was Tanzania, it was there I ‘found’ myself again to help me get back on track dealing with the new ‘normal’ in my life. Literally, that trip saved my life and helped me to live life with a new purpose, for all that my family did not experience in their time on earth."
Since then, something I didn’t know at the time, Africa has become my passion, and my speciality, the love of a land, I never knew could produce the kind of feeling and experience which I’ve had on each and every trip.  I have also ...


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